Corporate social responsibility

We are supporting people, activities and ideas with a true potential
to bring positive change to the city, region and whole Slovakia.

Building better future together. 


Supporting high-quality education for kids, teachers and public.

Social innovations

Helping to execute innovative
IT solutions in the social sphere.

Environmental protection

Reducing consumption
of non-recyclable materials.

Charity and volunteering 

We support systematic change in the social field.


Our goal is to always support high-quality educational programs teaching digital skills inevitable for the 21st century available for kids, teachers and public.

  • Grant program School of the future

  • Grant program Teacher of the future

  • Dream IT

  • Programming with Calliope

  • IT Senior

  • Digital Competencies Coordinators project

  • Mentoring for kids

Social innovations

Through IT innovations, we support improving the quality of life in our region and the city of Košice. We love to see ideas growing and becoming the whole new innovative solutions.

  • Innovlab

  • Najdite

  • Museum Alone


Lowering negative impact on our planet and environment is one of the cornerstones of ours.

  • Reducing consumption of non-recyclable materials, energy and CO2 

  • Plastic - free

  • BiKe IT

  • Our City


Utilizing our charity platform, we are able to support individuals in complicated life situations. 

  • Charity Run Tour

  • Charity Cake

  • Charity Cup


Our goal is to unite our employees active in multiple volunteering activities as well as create a community of volunteers cooperating and working together towards the same goal. 

We volunteer more and more

Every year, our projects attract bigger group of volunteers.
Therefore, we are able to help our community and the ones in need.

1 x   = 10 people


17 Sustainable development goals (SDGs) provide guidance for our responsible approach towards our employee, the region and life in it.