Smart applications

Developing software applications, making your life more enjoyable.

Our solutions

Smart home

Magenta Smart Home for intelligent households enables you to fully control your home via the mobile phone.


Creating better future though intelligent IoT solutions using 5G network.


Creating smart local and global solutions e.g. Museum Alone - Navigation for Visually Impaired, VSM - Rodosto, barCamp.


Continuously improving existing and developing new tools to help us grow.

Business applications and solutions development

We are continuously growing our supply and operations competencies providing even better solutions in software engineering and consulting for our clients.

Our core competencies:

  • Software development, testing and consultations for SAP solutions

  • Software development, testing and consultations for other than SAP solutions

Applied research development and support of strategic global portfolio

The smallest yet the most dynamic segment of our portfolio focused on discovering upcoming opportunities regarding new products in ICT, new expert models and/or new processes execution.

Our core competencies:

  • Development of new software-defined network platforms (NGENA)

  • Cloud solutions management & development

  • Automatization, management and development of ICT processes

Museum Alone

When major organization join their forces, true change happens. The project awarded by ViaBona foundation as The social innovation of the Year 2018 was a special initiative that started with a simple yet bold goal - to develop a solution for visually impaired people visiting museum, browsing and interacting with artifacts.

Obviously, we were not alone in our efforts. Supported by the Slovak Union of Visually Impaired and Eastern Slovakia Museum in Košice, our team was able to successfully test and run a true tech innovation based in location transmitters.