Employee training

Many internal education opportunities to choose from.

Helping you grow
on your career path

At DT IT Solutions, we deeply care about education. Therefore, we are offering our staff multiple ways to grow regardless of their age. As the environment and working conditions in IT sphere always change we are ensuring development for everyone who wants to stay ahead of the curve.

In 2019

our employees attended

8 205


and learned

112 040

hours of knowledge

Peer-to-peer foundation

Our education and development program provide a real time connection and necessary information to our employees for creating added value to our client's businesses. Moreover, it enables our people to create enough experience to grow and thrive within our organization. In the era of transformation and ever growing business standards, we are connecting people with the right information for given project in the right time. 
We are fully aware of the importance of peer-to-peer education and we know that the key of corporate education and personal development is the high commitment of employees.