At Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions
we  look for leaders 

Our teams are led by bright managers and you can be one of them.

Our positions

Head of team

As a teamleader you will be responsible for your team members and tasks assigned
to the team.

Project manager

Project manager takes responsibility over multi-million projects management.

Manager of a department

You will manage whole departments and report to the executives.

Top management

The door to the top-level positions is always opened for the IT superstars.

Haven't you discovered your
dream job yet?

We have multiple options that will point your career to different directions. Discover more career areas or contact us and we will happily assist you with the selection process.

IT expert

Positions for administrators, IT architects, coders and other IT professionals.


Alert! We as well need great people for HR, marketing or finance.

Entry-level positions for fresh graduates

Fresh out of school thinking about your next steps? Let us help you launch your career.


Job  portal 

Visit the Job Portal to explore all job opportunities within DT IT Solutions all around the globe.