Our goal is to support high-quality education programs for kids,
teachers and public and to improve their digital skills.

Educational projects



Grant program
School of the Future

Our main goal with this program is to support innovative primary schools or civic associations aspiring to be more than just a school in their community. The aim of the program is to enable these entities to adopt new trends, try new approaches, innovations and be creative in their teaching. The program wants to actively contribute to the improvement of education of children (from 6 to 14 years) and young people within the proper formal educational process as well as within extracurricular activities. We implement this grant program in cooperation with the Carpathian Foundation.

Grant program
Teacher of the Future

This grant program supports projects of teachers from eastern Slovakia with an innovative and non-traditional approach to teaching. The program will provide a personal grant to teachers who will bring innovation, creativity and experiential forms of learning to the teaching process. The aim of the program is to actively contribute to the improvement of education of children (from 6 to 14 years) and young people within the proper formal educational process as well as within extracurricular activities. Bring and support innovative methods of education in primary schools and extracurricular activities. We implement the grant program in cooperation with the Carpathian Foundation.

Dream IT

We created the DreamIT activity in cooperation with Teach for Slovakia and Ždaňa Elementary School. DreamIT is run voluntarily by our employees, who present to children how they interact with IT in their daily lives and how they can use it to the full potential. Children discover IT in the areas of sports and leisure, finance, environmental education, travel, digital security, personal development and the arts. Already 20 employees from five departments - Security, Compliance & Quality Management, Rollout Management VAS, Production Controlling, Telecom Security, Projects & Engineering, decided to lead the activity and expand their presentation and facilitation skills with thirteen children. On the other hand, children have the opportunity to get to know a different work culture and working methods from the DT IT Solutions Slovakia environment. We launched the pilot year in the school year 2019/2020.

The questionnaire reflects that 100% of employees evaluate the experience positively and that the activity brought them "the joy of being with children and working with them." When asked what their class learned, they answered: "public speech and behavior of children in class," more self-confidence for working with children. "" I have found that my upbringing has given me certain teaching skills, and so I have changed my attitude towards how to approach such opportunities. I have counted thousands of new ideas that have crossed my brain. "

Programming with Calliope

Our company also provides space to acquire programming skills within the internal circle for employees' children, the creation of which was initiated and implemented by the company's employees themselves as volunteers. Children learn to program JavaScript using the Calliope microcomputer, specially developed for educational needs. This activity is conducted in Slovak, but the programming blocks are in German.

The lessons of programming with Calliope differ from standard teaching. It is always possible to try the result of programming - Calliope turns into a piano playing. Our staff plans to gradually expand this program to other primary schools. The Programming with Calliope was launched as a pilot project in the school year 2019/2020 with the participation of 24 children with the help of 5 volunteers.

IT Senior

The main goal of the project is to teach seniors the basics of working with a computer, MS Windows and acquaint them with the online space, its possibilities as well as pitfalls - through online security classes.

The IT Senior project was established in 2014 in cooperation with SPŠ Elektrotechnická in Košice. The course takes place once or twice a year, as a "summer" and "winter" semester. It consist of 10 teaching hours, once a week. The lessons are prepared by the company's employees - volunteers who not only lead the lessons, but also help the seniors with the subject. Anyone can sign up for the course, the only condition is the age over 63 years. Many logged-in seniors have a family abroad, which is why the internet is often the only way to communicate. Thanks to the skills acquired during the IT Senior course, they can be in contact with their family via social networks and take full advantage of the possibilities of technology.

Since launched, the project helped approximately 160 seniors from the region who have been trained. A total of 60 volunteers helped.

Digital Competencies Coordinators Project

By creating a so-called role of Coordinators of digital competences in schools, is possible to improve the way kids learn computer science and develop their digital skills in other subjects. The goal of the program, in which our company is involved and which takes place under the auspices of the Pontis Foundation and the Business Leaders Forum, is to increase the digital maturity of schools and use digital technologies more effectively in the educational process.

As part of a pilot project in 2020/2021, we plan to train coordinators from 10 schools who would be the bearers of the digital competencies development. They would bring new knowledge from this area to the school, and - at the same time - inspire and support their colleagues.

They will be mentored by professional consultants from IT companies, who will acquaint them with various interesting topics, in the form of workshops, webinars and online discussions. Coordinators will thus become part of the community to share experiences and receive recommendations from colleagues.

Mentoring for kids

The main goal of cooperation on the educational program of the non-profit organization DofE, is to contribute to the development of young people (14-24) and help them on their path to independence, self-confidence, success in life, social feeling and prepare for life a generation of confident young people responsible for yourself and your surroundings.

Within the DofE program, young people set individual goals and challenges in several activities and, on the way to achieving them, strengthen their responsibility and perseverance, get to know and overcome themselves and acquire new skills useful for further academic and professional life. Thanks to this program, we are developing expert volunteering and our employees participate in development as volunteers.