Protecting your personal and business data.

Our solutions

Data security

Securing data on multiple levels and security cloud solutions.

Network security

Customers migration,
security and engineer support, network security consultations, order management, reporting.

Customer Security

ISMS implementation & maintenance, BCMS implementation & maintenance, reporting, threat prevention support.

Classified ICT

High quality security for government projects with security audit support.

Cyber security has to play key role on the top priorities list of every organization.

- Source: IT security / Telekom; May 2019

31 million

attacks of 620 physical Honeypot sensors
(3 400 logic sensors)

3 billion

processes connected to security
(3 300 sources of data)

20 million

harmful codes in our library of malware SW

43 million

attacks of infrastructure during a single day
(the highest recorded number)

PSA services

Platform for IoT. Creating new systems and projects for the PSA portal. Also, we are designing and continually adjusting platforms based on the PSA documentation and communicating as a mediator connecting TSEC and delivering teams.

Data security and privacy during the usage time. PSA safety and vulnerability assessments.

Company operations

Defining processes of management vulnerability, process improvement and their integration into repair management operations. Creating ESARIS - ACE and syncing of related processes. Security process activities for TSI (SRM reporting) support.

Relying on the best

  • Firewall operations
    Checkpoint, Juniper (Junos, Netscreen), Cisco firewalls (ASA/PIX)

  • Proxy operations
    Bluecoat proxy, Squid

  • VPN, DNS
    IBM, McAfee, Cisco, Checkpoint, Juniper

    IBM Security SiteProtector

  • E-mail-related operations
    IronPort Mail relay (CISCO)

  • Antivirus operations
    Bluecoat Av, KASPERSKY Av, MCAFEE Av

  • Data leakage protection
    Force point


Working with

 the best 



 Deutsche Bahn 

 Commerce bank 

 Deutsche Bank 

 Axel Springer 


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