Social innovations

At Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions, we bring ideas to life through IT innovation
and support improving quality of life in our region and in the city of Košice.

Social innovation projects


Innovlab provides a space for social innovation in Health supported by Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions. 

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The long-term goal for all of our CSR activities is to initiate projects that lead to systemic changes, supports educational activities in the region and strives to move towards the values ​​of a conscious and responsible employer. Cooperation with the Animal Ombudsman and the Digital League educational project also help our company to achieve more for sustainability and the connection of IT technologies with the social sphere. Thanks to mutual efforts of all our partners, together we were able to create a unique digital map and gave it to shelters and thus opened up new possibilities for the adoption of animals from shelters.

Museum Alone

We created an app that serves as an interactive guide in the East Slovak Museum in Košice. The visitor needs to download the mobile application called Alone in the Museum from the App Store or Google Play. As soon as he enters the museum with the application switched on, the tour may begin. Sensors located in the museum detect the location of the visitor and thanks to the voice guide in the application, he is being served interesting information. The museum itself offers a special extension for people with complete or partial visual impairment. In cooperation with the Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired of Slovakia, we have created special controls for such people. The application is supplemented by detailed descriptive traces of space and objects around, including navigation in the museum. In 2018, the app won the Via Bona award in the Social Innovation category.