Environmental projects

Reducing consumption of non-recyclable materials, energy and CO2

At DT IT Solutions Slovakia, we continue to implement an active environmental policy based on our corporate values. By regularly checking energy consumption and increasing efficiency in the use of fossil fuels and energy consumption, we have been able to decrease our negative impact on the environment.

Our activities focused on energy management concentrate mainly on the areas of heating energy and electricity consumption. In 2018, we started a pilot project to measure CO2 in the work environment. During 2019, we extended CO2 measurements to all our buildings with regular monthly evaluations. At DT IT, we manage to maintain CO2 emissions in accordance with regulations and to the extent set by the DTAG group.

As a result of the installation of more accurate meters in previous years, in 2019 we managed to streamline the measurement of electricity consumption and heat / cold.

We are plastic - free

We have quit using disposable plastic cups as part of our collective initiative to help save the environment.


As a green and healthy alternative to using mobility, our company offers the opportunity to rent bicycles and e-bikes to our employees. This special and very popular activity is called BiKe IT. Employees might want to rent a bicycle via the Rent a bike app for meetings in another location or to go grab a lunch outside the building. Staff can rent bicycles for the day or even the whole weekend. This activity is intended for all our employees and rental is possible from spring to late autumn.

Our City

Since 2017, more and more of our employees have been participating in the largest corporate volunteering event in Slovakia, Our City. The event connects companies, municipalities, the non-profit and corporate sectors with a clear goal - to clean, beautify and visibly improve the cities where we live. Every year, thousands of volunteers from companies wearing the same T-shirts participate in a number of volunteer activities throughout Slovakia by donating their time and work during two days in June. 

Electric cars and charging stations

We decided to replace our company's cars with electric ones. We have 44 vehicles in our employee car fleet, two of which are fully electric. The aim is to renew the vehicle fleet to electric ones by 2025.

In Košice, we have managed to install electric charging stations not only for employees but also for the public. Since March 2023, 10 charging stations are available, and more will be added gradually. The station is equipped with 10 chargers with a capacity of 22 kW and one with 50 kW.