The journey with a software engineer who becomes an interactive console for ChatGPT, an AI language model. Witness code, collaboration, and AI-powered guidance as they tackle GitLab APIs and Python code. Explore the potential and limitations of AI-human collaboration in this journey. Discover how the right guidance can conquer complex problems!

It was a rainy Sunday, a day when most people would choose to stay indoors, warm and cozy. As the leader of a team of software engineers, and a developer at heart, I decided to combine work and play, embarking on a journey to the digital realm of ChatGPT.

The adventure began with a simple query, echoing through the virtual landscape: "Can you recommend some interesting statistics I can create based on data from the GitLab API?" The AI oracle, ChatGPT, responded swiftly, offering a treasure trove of insights. Among the many options, I chose to focus on one specific statistic: "Projects with the longest open issues or merge requests."

As I dove deeper into the code provided by ChatGPT, I stumbled upon a series of challenges. But the AI guide stood by my side, helping me troubleshoot and refine the code until it was perfect. It was during this process that I encountered a persistent error, and ChatGPT suggested: "We can add more print statements to help identify the issue further." It was at this moment that I realised the tables had turned - the "robot" was using me, a human, as a debugging console.

This unexpected role reversal led me to appreciate the power of AI in a new light. ChatGPT had transformed into an interactive console, guiding me through the debugging process with patience and wisdom. Together, we navigated the intricate world of GitLab APIs and Python code, resolving issues and refining solutions. Our collaboration became a story of discovery, learning, and problem-solving.

However, my journey with ChatGPT also revealed the limitations and risks of AI. As powerful and insightful as the AI language model may be, it is still dependent on the context and information provided by the human user. If I had given ChatGPT the wrong context, our collaboration might not have been as successful.While AI has made significant progress, it is essential to remember that it is not perfect. The human touch is still crucial in guiding the AI towards the right path and making the most of its capabilities.

In the end, not only did ChatGPT help me craft the perfect Python script, but it also taught me invaluable lessons about troubleshooting and refining code. As a final request, I asked ChatGPT to assist me in sorting projects by the descending median time to close merge requests. Once again, ChatGPT delivered.

My adventure with ChatGPT was an extraordinary journey of code, collaboration, and AI-powered guidance. It was a reminder that, with the right guidance, even the most complex problems can be conquered.

And so, dear colleagues, I share with you this story of a rainy Sunday, where the lines between human and AI blurred, and I became an interactive console for an AI language model. May your own encounters with ChatGPT be as inspiring and transformative as mine, and remember that the collaboration between human and AI is the key to unlocking their true potential.

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