Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions

We are transforming into a modern company to be able to provide you innovative types of information and communication technology services. The future based on digital technologies is the one we want to shape together with you. Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Slovakia is a synonym of progress, high quality and customer satisfaction. 

We are updating to Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions

We are transforming into a modern company to by able to provide you innovative types of information and communication technology services.


Growing bigger, getting better

Our brand Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Slovakia entered the life of Košice region in January 2006 under the name T-Systems Slovakia s.r.o. Over the last decade, we have managed to grow from scratch to being the second largest employer in the eastern part of the country. From a service IT company, we have developed into a company that creates value for customers.


Our solutions


Business solutions

Helping manage businesses and create value through SAP solutions.

Smart applications

Developing software applications to make life more enjoyable.


Connecting people and tech via global network.

Shared infrastructure

Providing access to shared cloud infrastructure.

Shared services

IT outsourcing, financial controlling and more.


Protecting your personal and business information.


IT brings both, stability and dynamic growth to your future career. As one of the key players in this area we are happy to be awarded The Best Employer in IT and Telecommunications.


We care very deeply about building modern society made of educated and smart people. Lifelong education and conferences, we offer comprehensive methods to learn for everyone.



The strength of our team SPIRIT is important to us. Together we can turn every challenge into success.

The results speak for themselves

Our path in Slovakia is pawed by long term partnerships with successful global clients. Not only do we team-up with education institutions and public sector, we are as well a respected member of business chambers and professional associations.

Working with


 the best 








We are proud to be working side-by-side with important multinational organizations. Equipped with our network & data centers infrastructure they are well on their path to successfully face challenges of the new decade.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Supporting people, initiatives and ideas with a true potential to change our region, city and whole Slovakia for better


A bit more than just IT news

Deutsche Telekom has huge impact on the region of Eastern Slovakia

Eastern Slovakia is a region with untapped potential and ready to emerge as a powerhouse of innovation. Deutsche Telekom has been the main partner of the conference Unveiling Eastern Slovakia´s Potential organized by AmCham. Our experts cooperated with others from the private, academic, and public sectors to identify the key challenges and propose the best solutions for Eastern Slovakia. Read more about the conference with great impact on the successful transformation of Eastern Slovakia!