Our involvement in Hack Kosice

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“Hackathon by Hack Kosice definition: A hackathon is a 24-hour, high focus event where students come together in small teams to share their ideas and to build something new and exciting, alongside a whole bunch of like-minded people.

Yes of course we can find many other definitions, but I like this one. Idea of Hack Kosice was initially created in heads of young people born in Kosice, but they started their studies at the University abroad. But how did it start for TSSK? Adam (member of organizational team) met Daniel Giebel and Juraj Girman in London, after some mail exchange we started working on practical things. As the Golden Partner of Hack Kosice event we had the opportunity to "pitch challenge”. After hard discussion we came up with translation challenge.

I was really surprised with the creativity of all these young people. Some of them tried to integrate solution for WebEx directly, some of them tried to create more universal solution. Of course they did not create new translation API or speech to text API, they used Google Cloud Speech-to-text and Google Cloud Translation APIs. It also shows us how we could use these technologies.

Hack Kosice was an event on a very high professional level. We can state this, because we have a rich experience with organizing hackathons. We took some inspiration and we are looking for more "it makes sense" events in our region and company.”

General info:

Hack Kosice 30 -31 March 2019

166 participants

43 projects submitted

10 winners in different categories

16 countries – Belarus, Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia, Russia, Germany, Poland, Czechia, Slovenia, United Kingdom, Ukraine, France, Finland, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Ireland

61% freshers – never been to a hackathon before

Autor: Michal Kovacik