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             ... in DIGITAL HUB - Agile Startup department
             ... Anytime from Anywhere

  We offer: 

# Great salary, cool people, progressive technologies.

Possibility to:
     =>  gain attractive salary above the market (based on your experience level, minimum 3.100 Euros),
     =>  get an entrance bonus of 5.000 Euros,
     =>  work from anywhere you want - 180 days even anywhere in Europe,
     =>  have unlimited contract.

# Only one interview round.
Free education & certifications (present or online based on your choice).
Wide career opportunities to reach your dream position.


// Experienced JAVA Developer

# Backend applications development in Java and related technologies such as:
    Java SE (Java 8 and newer), including OOP principles, design patterns and good practice,
    Spring boot,
    ORM frameworks,
    VCS and building tools (eg. Git and Maven),
    Docker / Kubernetes,

    Microservice architecture.
# Frontend experience is a big advantage.

// Experienced C++ Developer

# Frontend and backend application development.
# Knowledge about application development on various cloud solutions and different kinds of DBs.
# Related technologies such as e.g. SQL.

// Experienced Frontend Developer

# UI design and underlying design processes,related technologies such as:
    Angular or React,
    VCS and building tools (e.g. Git, NPM).


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