The Code of Conduct is extremely important to us.
It provides us with a framework for behavior that is legally acceptable and has a high level of integrity in our daily work.

What characterizes us

Business success does not stand above legal obligations nor is it unrelated to morality or integrity.

Corporate governance

Deutsche Telekom complies with all legal regulations governing the management and monitoring of the company as well as to respect and maintain the internationally recognized standards of good and responsible corporate governance.

Business relationships

Trust and fairness in all business decisions are the indispensible elements of Deutsche Telekom dealing with its business partners. The private interests or personal gain of employees do not have any influence on business decisions.

Avoiding other conflicts of interest

Deutsche Telekom expects that personal interests not interfere of its Board of Management members, managing directors, executives and employees will not interfere or conflict with its interests.

Private use of company property

The private use of company property is permissible only where provided for by individual contract, collective agreement or company regulations, or where such use is accepted company practice.

Handling information

Every individual is responsible within the scope of his/her duties for ensuring a high level of data privacy.

Compliance with rules of behavior

Deutsche Telekom expects its Board of Management members, managing directors, executives and employees to behave in line with the Code of Conduct.

Questions, notes

The direct superior is the first port of call for any questions regarding the application of the Code of Conduct in employees' everyday work.

Further information

Further information on the Guiding Principles, Code of Human Rights & Social Principles, on Employee Relations of Deutsche Telekom Group.