Zoltan Szalay enjoys cultural and social life in Košice

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Zoltán started his career in T-Systems as a Rollout manager three years ago. He is proud to be a member of the Hungarian community in the cosmopolitan city of Košice. „The benefit of Košice is the common use of Hungarian language. The sense of the community is very strong here and besides English and German I am using Hungarian, not only with my family members, but also with friends and colleagues in here,“ says Zoltán.

The corporate world of T-Systems brings along teams of international character. When working in Košice one can discover IT projects on the international level, collaborating with colleagues and customers from all parts of the world. „As a project manager I have gained a lot of experiences working on the different kind of IT projects.“ Zoltán appreciates the job stability at T-Systems and the possibilities for personal and professional growth.

And what does he like the most? Trainings focused on the project management, technical skills and soft skills. „Our management encourages and supports us also in passing certification exams as part of our professional development,“ says Zoltan.

Inspiring working environment reflects not only professional expertise but more importantly its people. Every great company is created by the people with different working and personal backgrounds and diverse opinions and T-Systems is definitely one of these companies. As Zoltan simply says: „Great bunch of people makes life at work easier. Great team leads to great work“.

Zoltán is a big fan of the social and cultural life in Košice. He enjoys theatres, both in Slovak and in Hungarian language; classical, modern and alternative concerts; stand-up comedies and many other events. Košice as a multicultural and multi-genre city offers a range of events, from small community based ones to events held for thousands of people.

Besides cultural and social events, the city and the region offers variety of outdoor activities. Whether you are a fan of team sports or hiking, biking or skiing in winter, there is always something to pick from.

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