From Zero to High-Tech

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Started as a waiter. Then tried his luck as a basic administrator. In eight years, he jumped from a zero position to the Solution Design Architect. Meet Zdenko from T-Systems, Slovakia.

Zdenko had studied tourism management and started his career in his field as a waiter. He wasn´t fully satisfied, so he started to look for something different. He focused on IT technologies and fell for it totally. "IT is fun", he found out.

His devotion, logical mind and great support from company provided him CISCO trainings he advanced fast. Now he is cooperating with the English client directly, visiting his premises.

"It is great to see the real operation. I cooperate with a customer who has the biggest drilling platforms in the world. I have to get the network to them. It´s so exciting!". 

Zdenko is thirty and when asked if he would like to be a higher manager in future, he says: "Who knows, career possibilities here are extended. But I am young, I need more experiences for something like this."

This modest man has a newborn baby and the bigger one. He likes secure family life here in Košice. His colleagues admire a lot his strong will - he is running to work everyday to keep himself in form and also attends International Peace Marathon every year.

Košice gave him everything he always  wanted - work he loves, supportive team and living in secure, beautiful city that offers him a lot of sport and culture possibilities.


The young winners did not hide their enthusiasm and these are their first words: