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Joren is a young guy from Netherlands. He is a world traveler as he was sailing a lot, being a high rank „sea dog“. He has finished his career on „water“ and came to a dry land Slovakia.

When quiting sailing, he realised he is literally natural born IT-person. With the help from his father, IT expert, he has learned a lot even without the proper schooling. The trainings in the company helped as well - he became a member of T-Systems Slovakia.

Joren is involved in high-tech project where he leads the security part of next generation enterprise network solution. This unique project is being realised only at T-Systems Slovakia. We are talking here about the future of networking.

We spent most time of day with our colleagues, that´s why Joren is really thankful for warm work environment and great team here in Košice. "Slovaks are hard workers, very supportive," he said. "I feel satisfied here".

Joren is nature lover and enjoys his free time outside, exploring the beauty of our nature. He really appreciates we have a plenty of it here in Košice. As a biker, he enjoyes also our hills and the other outdoor activities."I´m really fond of Slovak food as well, it´s great!" Eventually, he loves his Slovak wife indeed.

Košice city is offering a lot of possibilities. IT industry is concentrated here and T-Systems Slovakia is one of the biggest branches of Deutsche Telekom corporation.

There are a lot of developing projects in the city, new blocks of apartments are spreading in the heart of the city as well as on the surroundings with a touch of nature. Also the health care is on the good level, there is a private hospital nearby and special doctors in reasonable pricing.

Košice is the city recognized on the international level, known as the European city of culture in 2013 and European city of sport 2016. Tourists who are visiting the downtown enjoy the typical Slovak cuisine and colorful small restaurants located in the center with a view on the historic monuments. The center is also known by its night life in the pubs located under the ground.

Those who like the big performances can enjoy various concerts, ice shows, or ice hockey tournaments. The city is offering also small concerts and alternative music. State theatre offers interesting theatre pieces from local and foreign authors and State philharmonic orchestra performs in a classic and modern way. There are several cinemas available in the city shopping centers and lovers of old movies can be found in the lovely local cinema, which survived from socialistic times.

Small or big, something between the big pulsing capitol of east and secure family friendly town. This is Košice.


The young winners did not hide their enthusiasm and these are their first words: