We Are Family Friendly Employer

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“Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.”

– Michael J. Fox

And we know it. That’s why we do our best to create not only friendly, but also family friendly workplace.

As we are all different and prioritize diverse options of working schedules, environment, remuneration or benefits, we still all want to feel that our employer offers us added value –be it flexible forms of work or package of benefits created for employees and their family members.

Stay fit and keep fun!

In TSSK, there is a program composed of different occasions and other benefits that our employees and their kids enjoy during the year. T-Systems Sports & Fun Park on Alejová Street is open daily throughout the whole year and offer possibilities for various sport and fun activities. Free entrance for each employee, his or her friend outside the company and three kids is a nice start to fully enjoy the time spend at the park.

Summer holiday is the best part of the year for kids and when it is full of entertainment and fun, it’s unforgettable. We started the summer 2018 with the “Kids Day” – event organized especially for kids to celebrate their big day. And the party was really amazing – kids Fly Academy took place at the Museum of Aviation in Košice.

Summer Camps

Meet new friends, do sports and play exciting games – that is what children of our employees can do in summer camps organized by our company. It is designed as a one-week daily program and runs during summer holiday months. Parents and their children can choose from three different types of summer camps according to the age of kids and the activities being done over there. This summer, more than 200 children attended the camps altogether.

What are we looking forward to this year?

Whether we want it or not, summer period is in its end, but the other half of a year still comes with interesting activities. We organised a popular Magenta Fest for the second year, but the one coming this autumn was special. The event full of quality music performed by different bands came with 1 +1 rule this year, it means that our employee could take one person with him or her – a partner, a family member or a friend and share our magenta world even with their beloved ones.

Each of us is little bit curious, especially about people we care of. How about letting our family or friends see where we spent time and what our working environment is like? In winter months, we open our door to our families and prepare Christmas workshops for kids. Children can not only sit in meeting rooms and see their parent’s workplace, but also attend creative lessons led by professionals and surprise their parents with a handmade gift. Beginning of December is always lovely – in Slovakia we all can’t wait for St. Nicholas Day. Regardless their age, everybody loves to see his/her boots filled with sweets and small gifts. In our company, we prepare sweet packages for our employees’ kids. But what we cannot guarantee is that it really reaches the addressee (parents love chocolate a lot!). Moreover, we prepare a competition – the winner gets free tickets for special children’s theater performance. More information about the competition is coming soon.

Mommies and Daddies

What a joy when a new member of a family is awaited and finally born! We want all fathers of our company to enjoy this exceptional moment as much as possible. And how can we help? One extra day off, Father’s Day, is what we offer to our fathers – to stay with his newborn and mommy. We also want our mothers or fathers on parental leave to stay in touch with us. One of the ways of keeping a contact is to organize a meeting with them. The first one was done in May, where 96 women on maternity leaves met with their team leaders and colleagues.

In addition to that, there are also family and kids discounts for educational, sport and fun activities. We support kindergartens, children centers or language schools, so the price at that selected centers is special for the kids of our employees.

We believe in power of family ties and our aim is not only to provide the best ICT services, but also keep you and your family satisfied.

Recently, Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Slovakia actively participated in the captivating event organized by AHK Slowakei (Slovak - German Chamber of Industry and Commerce) named Catena X. The objective of this collaboration was to inform Slovakia's small and medium-sized automotive producers and suppliers about the benefits of using Catena-X solutions and how to exploit the full potential of their data. Our thanks for the interesting presentation and showcases go to Sven Löffler from T-Systems Germany.

At Deutsche Telekom we offer automotive suppliers IT solutions that enable them to leverage their data, securing improved efficiency through information standardization, and on-demand data availability as well as the necessary integration with their current IT infrastructure.

The Catena X Automotive Network aims to enhance transparency throughout the value chain. The vision of this solution is to make the data ecosystems of all participants in the supply chain connectable and compatible. It is crucial for us to support our customers on the journey to digitization in a future-proof and dependable manner.

Catena X aims to make data available in the future via jointly defined, standardized interfaces. This solution offers the possibility to extract data from companies and then make it available on standardized platforms with increased transparency and efficiency.

We bring the solution to enhance the potential of data for our customers. So, let's embrace the infinite possibilities that technology in automotive brings forth. Let's drive towards a future where innovation drives progress. Every journey is an adventure when driving with magenta partners.