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In Slovakia, the city of Košice is now known for its AWS tech community, thanks to three local AWS enthusiasts Lydia Delyova, Michal Salanci and Marek Toth. These passionate individuals started an AWS User Group in Košice, making the city a notable spot on AWS map.


What are AWS User Groups?

AWS User Groups are local communities where people interested in Amazon Web Services (AWS) meet to share knowledge and help each other. These groups aim to:

  • Create a friendly space for learning and sharing experiences.
  • Organize events like meetups and workshops for members to learn and network.
  • Get support from AWS, such as resources, speakers, and promotional help.

Benefits for Members

Joining an AWS User Group offers several advantages:

  • Learning: Members get to learn about AWS through talks and workshops.
  • Networking: It's a great way to meet others who are also interested in cloud computing.
  • Community Support: Members can get help and advice from each other.
  • Career Growth: Learning new skills and keeping up with trends can boost your career.


The First AWS User Group Meetup in Košice

The first meeting of the AWS User Group Košice took place on 11 June 2024. 37 people attended the meeting. The speakers were Lýdia Delyová, who started with her lecture "Secure GenAI: Safeguarding Your Intelligent Backend". The special guest was Mihaly Balassy, who demonstrated how to create an online business card with his talk "Introduction to Serverless - A DIY Digital Business Card". Zdenko Vrabel concluded with insights on "Networking for Kubernetes on AWS". The event had a great atmosphere with good food, drinks, venue and lively discussions.

Future Plans

The founders have big plans for the future. They aim to:

  • Hold regular meetups, at least 3 per a year, all in person
  • Since now each meetup will handle only one topic (means all presentations will be in one topic, like for example GenAI or Network or so )
  • Speakers from other countries
  • Special guests directly from AWS, and many more.


Feedback and First Impressions

We received a lot of positive feedback on the organization, topics, and overall atmosphere. Attendees agreed that something like this had been missing in Košice for years, so we are thrilled to have filled this gap in our "IT valley." Choosing the right venue (which was amazing), handling marketing, graphics and promotion, arranging catering, and announcing a call for speakers took a lot of time. But it was definitely worth it!

The AWS User Group Košice is off to a strong start, thanks to sponsor, Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Slovakia and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

This group is set to grow, offering valuable learning and networking opportunities. As it continues to thrive, Košice will become an important city in the AWS world. This will bring new ideas and help Košice stand out in the global tech community.