T for all, all for T – new challenges, new projects

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 Košice, December 14, 2017 – 10 projects will be supported in the fifth year of the grant program of T-Systems Slovakia and the Carpathian Foundation, "T" for all, all for "T".

Beneficiaries of support are non-profit organizations and civic associations in Eastern Slovakia, which actively respond to the needs of communities in terms of quality of the environment, leisure time, movement and sports activities. The program is also an employee program and develops the volunteer involvement of employees of the IT company.

 Košice's housing developments will come alive with colors and activities for creative communities, Šariš castle will improve the conditions for its visitors and will create space for children's cinema, lovers of sport and active movement will again be able to measure theit forces in triathlon, children with health disabilities and their families will discover new possibilities of sharing their leisure time and children's ARO in Košice will increase the quality of their equipment.

A wide variety of projects and their annual increase is evidence that people really care about things in the region. There is a lot of ideas and we are glad, that we can help the best ones to come alive in the life around us and not just stay on the paper,” said the spokeswoman of T-Systems Slovakia s.r.o., Katarína Trnová.

 "5 years of the grant program that we are implementing in cooperation with T-Systems Slovakia s.r.o., this is a time that is worth balancing," says Laura Dittel, director of the foundation. "The program has enabled many active people in the region to understand that if they want something, they can do it. It supported several organizations that started out of scratch, and today they are seeing results, "she said.


37 projekct applied for finnacial support this year.

List of the supported projects:

  • RECEM n.o. Košice, Kreatívne hry pre deti / Creative games for kids

  • OZ Barlička, Prešov, Komunitné leto pre všetkých

  • Strážcovia pravých pokladov storočí, Gelnica, Infosystém hradu Šariš

  • Rodinné centrum Stonožka Košice, Košice, STOnožičiek, STOručičiek

  • Akadémia Bojového Umenia, Sabinov, 100 Ročná história v dreve

  • Nový film, Prešov, Detský svet filmu

  • Krajina nepoznaná, Košice, Spolu bez hraníc

  • 3-atlon, Košice, Košický triatlon 2018

  • Detské ARO Košice, Košice, Hrudná drenáž 21.storočia

  • Klub 3F, Košice, Urban Art Fest


The young winners did not hide their enthusiasm and these are their first words: