Silvin Galus: We offer a work with technologies that one does not usually encounter

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Recently, Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Slovakia was a main partner of the conference organized by AmCham - Unveiling Eastern Slovakia´s Potential: PHASE 3. It was the final of three conferences focused on identifying the key challenges Eastern Slovakia is facing and finding the most effective and feasible solutions and how to use them as chances.

Representatives of companies, universities as well as municipalities worked together for more than 6 months with a common goal to analyze, identify, and develop the potential of our region, and prepare it for future labor market opportunities. One of the main issues we need to cope with is the brain drain, which we need to address commonly in a systemic manner.

The representatives with different backgrounds led 6 motivated teams and worked together on topics such as Attractiveness and visual identity, Innovation Ecosystem, Human Capital, Healthcare, etc. Our colleague Pavol Mirossay (Tribe Lead Communication, Transformation, and Strategy) was leading a workgroup named Attractiveness and Visual Identity, determined to find the best solutions for our region. Martin Džbor (Lead of the Strategy Chapter) also cooperated on the project from the very beginning. The final conference started with the official presentation of the position document, which includes 18 recommendations, on how to help Eastern Slovakia to fulfill its potential.

The solutions included the creation of one common Brand and identity of Eastern Slovakia, the creation of an Eastern Slovakian platform for the needs of the labor market, inclusion and the support of marginalized groups, a Career growth plan for the students as well as synergies with University Ecosystem, five different measures to improve the local healthcare, public transport prioritization with the focus on the railway junction in Košice, availability and transparency in the offer of rental flats, etc. 

Panel Discussions with businesses and talents

Besides the presentation of the key recommendations, a panel discussion presenting the business perspective and a panel discussion with the local talents were on the conference's agenda. During the panel discussion business talk, Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Slovakia was represented by Bibiana Kollárová (HR Manager & HR Business Partner, Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Slovakia). Together with Miloslav Durec (CEO of Valaliky Industrial Park), Martin Seman (Head of Public Affairs, Volvo Cars Košice), Jan Bača, (Director of Public Affairs, U.S. Steel Košice and Jaroslav Grygar (Senior Manager, Business HR and WEEC at Whirpool Corporation) all panelists discussed in an informal, light-hearted but punchy discussion. They reflected with an open mind on what makes sense from their organization's perspective, and what are the key factors for the positive development of the company and the region.

As Bibiana pointed out “Our goal is to provide the customer with services of relevant expertise, and at the same time to ensure that these services directly support the business goals of our customers”. This path is always determined by current trends in technology, namely:

  • AI and automation in ICT and BPO domains
  • Clouds as a prerequisite for digitalization. Legacy solutions are moving to the clouds
  • BI solution for processing and analyzing ever larger volumes of data by customers

To follow these trends and be the desired "consultant & pioneer" we need people with the right skill set. We have 3 options how to reach this goal:

- Develop our existing employees via reskilling and upskilling

- Find talent from the external market:

  • Look to university graduates and upskill them through various boot camps & academies, or
  • Recruit senior IT professionals who already have international skills and attract them to Eastern Slovakia

Through strategic partnerships with universities, vocational schools, and businesses, Eastern Slovakia provides unparalleled opportunities for career development and growth. Our company is taking all necessary steps inside the company as well as externally via multiple cooperations and projects, to continue and foster its positive impact on the region and to release Eastern Slovakia's full potential.

A regional platform for labor market needs

As Bibiana reasoned during the panel discussion, creating a platform for the labor market would be one of the 3 key recommendations, with the greatest impact not only for Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Slovakia. It would connect companies with skilled, motivated individuals and help to address labor shortages, spur innovation, and drive economic growth. From small startups to multinational corporations, organizations of all sizes stand to benefit from the diverse pool of talent cultivated by the Brand of Eastern Slovakia.

Building Bridges, Breaking Barriers through common brand and identity

Perhaps most importantly, we see the Brand and Identity of Eastern Slovakia as the next key recommendation, serving as a bridge between academia and industry, breaking down traditional barriers and fostering a culture of collaboration. By facilitating meaningful partnerships and knowledge exchange, the platform ensures that Eastern Slovakia remains at the forefront of innovation in fields ranging from technology and engineering to healthcare and sustainability.

Looking Towards the Future

Unveiling the Potential of Eastern Slovakia represents more than just a marketing campaign; it's a symbol of hope, opportunity, and resilience. By investing in its people and nurturing a culture of innovation, Eastern Slovakia is poised to reclaim its rightful place on the global stage. The journey may be challenging, but with determination, creativity, and a shared vision for the future, the potential of Eastern Slovakia knows no boundaries.

We, Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Slovakia, are proud to be one of the drivers of the change as the biggest IT player in the local market.