Hackers in Kosice came up with 53 applications in 24 hours

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Last weekend in Kosice we had the honor to organize the third year of T-Systems Hackathon. The event took place at the Technical University Library with 303 participant (239 programmers, 14 analyst, 17 designers and 32 supporting functions). Three teams managed to come up with best solutions to selected tasks and received a financial reward in total of 9000 €.

The task was defined as an innovative IT solution development within the topic “Hack your life” (improve your life). Created application was supposed to help its users solve everyday problems. After initial presentation of ideas, participants divided themselves into various groups.

Sleep over at the University Library

The participants of this event had only 24 hours to finalize their applications. There was a gaming zone. Yoga or midnight pizza available if there was a need to rest. Simona Cisarova (22), a student of Information Technologies said: “In our team we are working on an app, which makes a decision for its user and is able to answer various questions. Despite the lack of proper sleep and exhaustion, we are glad to try and work in such a difficult condition.”

25 mentors from ICT and marketing field were a great support to deliver successful solutions. One of them was Pavol Grubal. He is a consulting expert and said: “I consider this event as a very successful one. I am very glad to see that professionals and students can try to work together on specific tasks with a tough deadline.”

The winning application will ease lives of patients and their doctors

Slavomir Hruska, an investment manager and the chairman of the jury concluded: “This event was on a very high level and we had a real problem to select a winner. The winning solution met all the outlined criteria. It was a complex solution developed by students in a real time. The application is functional for regular users and has an interesting design.”

Vincent Horwath, the leader of the winning project added: “The goal of our application is to help patients with reservation of empty slot for a doctor appointment. This solution also improves the work of personnel that is no longer disturbed by impatient patients.”

Hackathon in Kosice - one of the largest in middle Europe of its kind

All places for this year Hackathon were taken in few days since the beginning of the registration. Next one will take place in 2018 and all information will be published on T-Systems Slovakia facebook page and on the official web of the event http://hackathon.myt-systems.sk/



The young winners did not hide their enthusiasm and these are their first words: