Hackers in Kosice came up with 53 applications in 24 hours

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"The atmosphere at KubeCon was electrifying, full of enthusiasm and knowledge sharing. You could feel that the community around Kubernetes was very strong and supportive," recalls Marek Krafcik. "The common areas resembled a large marketplace. There were a lot of interesting booths where you could stop and talk to people from other companies and projects," adds Lukáš Koszegy. "Brands like Intel, Redhat, Oracle, Grafana labs, OpenSearch, Google, etc. were represented there. There was a very friendly atmosphere," Lukáš added.

AI remains a trend, Chaos Engineering made a huge impact as well

"The trend that I noticed or the buzzword that I heard x times at the conference was AI. In my opinion, this is a technological trend that sooner or later we will encounter daily, both in our professional and personal lives," reflects Peto Barczi aloud. Ján Kukurugya agrees with his colleague, but he is more interested in the topic of "Chaos Engineering as such as well as its possible applications in our project. I've been trying to do a small proof of concept on top of my duties, but it's hard to juggle." Marek Krafcik: "I was particularly interested in the shift towards serverless technologies and the increasing focus on security in containerized environments, areas that are of great importance for the future development of our products."

IT guys also enjoy networking with colleagues

Although a lot of people think of IT guys preferring to live in the online world and gaming, they love networking in their communities just as much. Jan Kukurugya considers his most valuable experience of the conference to be "the opportunity to learn about trends in the field and to physically talk about the problems of individual solutions with those who create or manage them themselves is probably the biggest benefit. And, of course, getting contacts, both human and professional, from colleagues in other companies in the field who may have solved the same problem in the past and solved it differently. As well as broaden your horizons and perspective on the issue."

We have the first Kubestronaut in Slovakia

Peto Barczi wants to become a Kuberstronaut by attending this conference. "During the conference a new so-called Kubestronaut program was introduced -> Kubestronaut is someone who has successfully completed all 5 CNCF Kubernetes-oriented certifications. Since I was missing the last one to my collection at that time, I completed the last one after I returned. Today I can boast that I was among the first Kubestronauts in the world and the first Kubestronaut in Slovakia."

Interesting interviews with industry experts

Marek Krafcik: "Absolutely, I am already starting to implement the knowledge and inspiration I gained from KubeCon in my projects, which has a positive impact on my efficiency and creativity at work." Lukáš Koszegy: "Definitely yes. I've already been able to implement some things in our project, but I've also realized that our current solution runs into design limitations that we'll have to work on.


We gained new perspectives for our customers

Marek Krafcik considers the most valuable aspect to be "gaining new perspectives that help me to create more innovative solutions and work more efficiently with modern technologies for DT customers." "A large number of interesting lectures related to the OSC project. I also appreciated the opportunity to discuss our problems directly with the authors of Kubernetes or other technical solutions we use on the project," added Lukas Koszegy.

Thanks to the guys from Open Sovereign Cloud, led by Martin Palek, for an interesting insight into the conference. Also, a big thanks to Competence House Cloud Application Operations as well as the OSC project for allowing our four DevOps Engineers to attend this world-class conference.

Colleagues, if you are interested in similar Cloud Native technologies, feel free to apply for the internal Skillshifter program, which will reopen its next round after 4 months during May.

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