From junior generalists to senior versatilists

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“I started with a simple job like many others, but I was curious about the business... Now, I am a Business Development Manager – creating opportunities for others” said Jakub.

Jakub Horbaj is the epitome of successful career jump that goes hand in hand with the overall evolution of T-Systems Slovakia in Košice - one of the SSC - Shared Services Centers, or business services centers. When, for example, Deutsche Telekom rolls out a new product at its new-generation data center in Houston, Frankfurt or Singapore, they call on experts from its SSC, T-Systems Slovakia in Košice. Today, this is normal, but only 15 years ago it would have seemed very unlikely. Since that, a lot has changed and SSCs in Slovakia is important and not only due to the quantifiable numbers, i. e. the Košice IT Valley – reveals they are seeing a 10–15% increase in jobs with global responsibility for a high-profile service, product or customer. Employees’ personal stories about career jumps and the global successes of their projects make this clear.