"Extra mile" hidden in the glass ball

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Did the team under control of Jozef Benedik make one mile extra?
The customer says "YES"

One has a glass ball on the fridge, the second one has it as a decoration within his living room wall cabinet and third colleague puts it on the office table. Each of six owners has a special feeling though, that one of TOP ten most important customers of T-Systems recognizes their name and work they are doing.

Customer datacenter

In Košice, at Moldavslá street there are seventeen people who have a task to provide for the security and internet connection for a huge corporate company which has its branches all over the world. It looks like the easy task but in case when the datacenter is old and malfunctioning it is hard. The internet speed is going down and people are desperately looking on the downloading wheel turning on their monitors. The phones start to ring and the stress level is almost touchable.

The team is focused on the customer requests. The configurations are being changed on the firewall, incident management is taking place and network changes are made ON THE FLY. Individual requests can be sorted as P1, P2, P3, ... and each category has its time limits. P units have to be handled within 40 minutes. If more these tasks are collected then the pressure is loaded on all team members. In these moments it is important that this team is dealing with tasks together.

(On the picture below, from left: Ján Vachaľ, Jozef Benedik, Róbert Husťák, Ján Horosz, Slavomír Strhársky, František Kudzia.)

Human approach

Team leader Jozef Benedik is not standing behind people backs, he likes the human approach. He was able to stabilize a team which was unstable for a long time. Róbert Husťák is saying: „I was working for five IT companies in my life. The fact is that this job is not fulfilling my dreams in 100 percents, but this team is great and the company culture as well." Team „Security“ was established in 2012. It takes care about customer security. The situation nowadays is not that critical as on the beginning, the datacenters went through the modernization so the stress level was decreased significantly.

Center in South Africa

We can find more units dealing with the security of this specific customer. The one in South Africa is working in style „Catch – Dispatch“. We can find the service desk there, they are providing for the system support. Hungarian Change team is more into the administration and the relationship between the teams are very friendly.

So, how the glass balls made it to Security?

There was a certain period of time when everything just got wrong. The servers were really falling down in 2015.  Ján Vachaľ was in that time a man who devoted all his time to his tasks and he kept things working. And did somebody noticed? Yes. The customer sent the „Letter of Thanks“. Ján also got the award Extra mile, twice. This award is given to the best suppliers of this customer. The Slovak team got this award seven times. It is shaped as a glass ball.

Next Ján in team, by the second name Horosz has solved the urgent incident P1. Slavomír Strharský was working on the automation and inovation. He developed the tools that are saving time and add the value. He received the quality award. Róbert Husťák covers for the critical incidents. František Kudzia, who is called the inventory, because he is the eldest team member from time perspective, he was working with the servers, always in time, good service.

Altogether, this young team is getting a lot of positive reactions from the customer. They are well managed, that is why the Head of the time was awarded for his work. we are talking about Jozef Benedik now. He knows to support his team and he is managing in style „From Zero to Hero“.

I could see these young people respect their awards. It is not a surprise, everybody likes it when somebody appreciates his work. I wish this team a lot of future success and I hope they will keep a good team spirit.

Written by: Kristína Záthureczká, Corporate Communications
Photo: Jozef Benedik, TC Division