Discovering Slovak "beauties" after 11 years abroad

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Lucie is 34 years old. She was living abroad for 11 years, went through goods and bads and now she can really compare high living standards with the low ones. For her, the goal was clear – work and live in Košice.

As Lucie is saying : „When I was a small girl, I was living in Košice and when borders were opened my parents left to Czech republic. I always knew I will be back in Košice one day. This city has everything I need for my life. I can shop here, I have lots of choices for the cultural life, nature is close, the health care is good and affordable and when I want to travel somewhere the airport is here for me.“

Ten years in Switzerland enriched the life of Lucie who was freshly after the high school. She has started as a waitress, assistant, then worked for shared services. Beginnings were hard, as we know Swiss people are not very talkative to strangers, but the language was a key. When she was fluent in German, she found out that people are nice. But the feeling that she was a stranger in this country never disappeared. Because of one work project Lucie moved to Bulgaria for one year. People were friendly but the living standards were much lower. Some things she has considered to be the basics were not something she could count with anymore. After one year she said: "Enough“, and she returned home. She could decide among Prague, Brno, or some foreign country and she choosed Košice.

When Lucie came to Košice four years ago, she started to work for T-Systems as a Team leader. Her cousin has been working for T-Systems for eight years that time and he was happy. Lucie was never working in the corporate company before. In those four years she has learned a lot. She has better technical skills and the way how she thinks has changed as well. When she came to Košice, she had no friends, only relatives. Now, she has close people around.

And what she enjoys the most? She is talking in German language 90 percent of her work time. „When my counterparts from Germany or Switzerland find out that I am good in German, even with the slang, they are more willing to compromise, they are more open, even joking,“ Lucie said. She knows now how to talk to different nations. She even learned Italian when working in the Italian restaurant during her beginnings abroad.

“I like Slovaks, they prefer communication. When something is bothering them, they talk. Behind the borders, people are closed, they do not share their inner feelings. When something wrong is happening they pretend nothing happened. Here, people in my team always discuss all the aspects of the projects and then I can be sure they handle it right.”

“Before I was travelling a lot. Now I am discovering lovely places in this beautiful country, nature in Slovakia is wonderful and it is a safe place. I reconsidered my priorities, finding out that I learn more when I slow down a bit. I experienced a lot in the western, rich country and then in the country where you can find a lot of poverty. I would recommend Košice as a place to work and live. This company has a good potential and innovative ideas.”


The young winners did not hide their enthusiasm and these are their first words: